Insurance Defense

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling insurance claims, insurance coverage issues and subrogation for our clients at every level of state and federal court. They provide insurance companies with a wide variety of legal services, including:

-Tort litigation of all varieties
-Claims management
-Coverage opinion letters
-Declaratory judgments
-Fraud investigation
-Bad faith litigation
-Professional liability litigation
-Arbitration and mediation

We help insurance companies resolve problems involving insurance policy coverage.  We also assist insurance companies in situations involving third parties, and initiate subrogation claims against at-fault third parties in order to get reimbursement for payments to insureds.

Representative Engagements:

-We defended a lumber reloading facility against claims arising from a fatal collision between a train and a dump truck – and were involved in the appeal of the case, which followed a very unusual procedural path.  See RGR, LLC v. Settle, 758 S.E.2d 215; RGR, LLC v. Settle, 764 S.E.2d 8.

-Our attorneys relied on Virginia’s statute of repose to successfully defend a commercial construction company against a construction defect claim in Jamerson v. Coleman-Adams Constr., Inc., 280 Va. 490, 699 S.E.2d 197 (Va. 2010).

-Our attorneys have been involved in the defense of class actions alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

-Our attorneys played a leading role in the defense of more than fifteen lawsuits filed in Virginia state and federal courts against a supplier of fill material used in the construction of numerous big box stores, grocery stores, schools, and churches.  See, e.g., Kohl's Dep't Stores, Inc. v. Target Stores, Inc., 290 F. Supp. 2d 674 (E.D. Va. 2003).   Collectively, these cases sought over sixty million dollars, and the litigation spanned more than seven years.  The cases were resolved to the satisfaction of the client and its insurance carriers, and our attorneys were instrumental in reducing the claims and in ensuring that parties responsible for the damage in each case were “at the table”.

-We successfully defended a subcontractor against claims of negligence relating to an accidental fire that destroyed the new wing of a large retirement facility.

-Following a fatal accident involving the installation and testing of a CO2 fire suppression system on a U.S. Navy ship, our attorneys were involved in the successful defense of several lawsuits brought in federal court against the manufacturer of the system.  Ultimately, all of the cases were settled with no monetary contribution by the client.